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For hundreds of years our ancestors knew and relied on the healing properties of plants that grow around us, but we seem to have lost that. Over-processed food and artificial ingredients have become poison in our bodies. And now we look to food as the remedy. Real food.

Coty Products as an Import company would like to take the production of healthy products to a new level, under the label BIOANDA. We lunched with CAS Valle del Cunas located in the district of San Jose de Quero, province of Concepcion, Peru, South America. CAS Valle del Cunas is a place where MACA grows in harsh conditions and at very high altitudes – more than 3,500 feet above sea level.

Our mission is to bring to our consumers the benefit of our relationship that goes beyond trust and becomes a big time saver when shipping. BIOANDA knows that consumers need to know where the ingredients come from and how they are sourced. They want to feel good about the brands they support and ensure the brands value aligns with their own.

When a consumer receives trust and value from a brand, it leads to a real, authentic connection.


“We understand that what we put
into our bodies affects the quality of our bodies and therefore the quality
of our lives.”

Our mission at BIOANDA is to make a difference by bringing healthy products we can be proud of.

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